Thursday, March 29, 2012


This measures about 2.5" high x 1.25" wide x 2.75" tall (to tip of toast). The bread is separate and can be removed.

Based on the number of revisions I had made to my previous designs, I decided to focus on the model first, with no textures. The bread was the only thing I ended up revising (it used to dip inward at the very top and center). I may have to start coloring the connecting tabs as well so you don't see so much white in the final model.

I'm getting faster at cutting and assembling, but it still requires patience. Lots of cutting of tiny paper parts and waiting for glue to dry. As you can see, my edges aren't always the greatest and I get glue stains everywhere.


Here are the first 2 prototypes for my hedgehog design. I love the one on the right, but the face gave me so much trouble I figured no one would ever want to make it. At least no child would, which is who this is aimed at. It also has a full base, which made it tricky to finish.

Once again, had to simplify it to the design below. Took out the base under the body area to help make it easier to finish, along with making it more blocky overall.

Available to download through my Etsy store


My very first papercraft! The top half of the cupcake can be left as a separate piece so it can double as a box. I wanted the design to be simple enough for kids to assemble, so I reduced it from 8 sides to 6 as you can see from my first version below. I like the shape better, but needed to be practical about it. PDF is available on my Etsy shop